Flowering Currant: A Showy Shower of Pink


Here’s this week’s wildflower tidbit. Keep following along and you’ll soon know local flora like a pro.

This week, Cheryl Lisin of the Lost Coast Interpretive Association (like the Facebook page here--you’ll be delighted by beautiful photos showing up in your status) describes the wild currant.

She writes,

One of the showiest of our native shrubs, flowering currant, or Ribes sanguineum, blooms in early spring. The pink flowers appear about the same time as the plant leafs out with bright, spring green leaves.

wild currantIn summer, waxy purple berries form, which are edible. If growing in dry, sunny locations, flowering currant goes summer dormant in order to to survive the dry season.

Flowering currant is a beautiful plant for the garden, where it It thrives in partial shade with little summer water. It is native to many habitats in northern and central western California.

Currants and gooseberries, like the Sierra gooseberry, share the same genus, Ribes. The two can be distinguished by the berries, which are smooth and waxy in currants and spiny in gooseberries. Both are in the Gooseberry Family, Grossulariaceae.

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