Humboldt County Man Sunbathing in San Diego Popped for Pot

This is a press release from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

A Fallbrook Patrol Deputy contacted a male and female sitting in a vehicle that was parked awkwardly in the 2700 block of Pala Road in Bonsall. The subjects advised the deputy that they were “sunning themselves because it improves their serotonin.”

The deputy immediately identified the odor of bulk marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. Within the vehicle, he found large quantities of marijuana and concentrated cannabis. The male subject, Adam Mathison (age 24) of Humboldt County, admitted to the substances being his and that he brought them from Humboldt County to use at a “gathering” taking place on the Pauma Indian Reservation.

He was arrested for numerous charges including 11360 HS-Transportation of Marijuana for Sale and 11359 HS-Possession of Marijuana for Sale. All total, 13 ounces (0.81 pounds) of concentrated cannabis, 8.87 pounds of processed marijuana, and 20 grams of additional marijuana which had been rolled into joints, were found in the vehicle. The concentrated cannabis has an estimated street value of $15,000. The processed marijuana has a street value of about $18,000. Mathison was booked into the Vista Detention Facility on the above noted charges.



  • meaning how do you identify bulk smell thats funny to me

  • Lazy Skunk Ranch

    Somehow, and I’m not sure why…..

    but I have a feeling that the car was taking up three parking spots with loud music playing, bill hats abound.

  • Don’t go writing hot checks down in Mississippi !

  • “sunning themselves because it improves their serotonin.”
    They probably should have stuck with “yes sir” and “no sir”.

  • In the old days it might fly: “Gee officer, it’s been raining up there for 5 months straight – this is the first we’ve seen of the sun in a long time” Now with the drought, not so much…..

  • Some lessons are harder learned then others.

  • I’m betting a lawyer can have this dropped. Smelled bulk? As opposed to smelled fresh?
    I’ll bet the license w humco address played a part in the decision. To search. And then there is the wise ass nature of mr mathison

  • Umm police have you noticed the heroin epidemic? that might affect my kids. Anyone fighting the drug war vs marijuana is doped themselves!

  • Shouldn’t that be melatonin, anyway?

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