Redwood Drive to Remain Closed

The road between Garberville and Redway remains closed for at least another three weeks, said Denton Carrick of Humboldt County Public Works. “We worked all weekend on it,” he explained. He and his crew have been replacing two culverts across the road on the Garberville side of the slide.

In addition, he said, “We had scalers up there trying to rake off the loose stuff.” Ropes secured the scalers as they moved along the cliff face. However, Carrick said, “The first day they are up there, [some people] were up there saying they were going to cut their ropes and screaming at them. We had to send someone up there to watch the ropes. It just cost Joe taxpayer that much more to put a man on to watch them.” Carrick said that he believed the individuals making threats were homeless people who were angered because they weren’t allowed to cross under the scalers because of the danger of rock falling on them.

Carrick said the plan was to put in a large chain-link net in the area where rock falls. “Scalers are going to come back next week,” he said. “Then we’re going to do remove a bunch of brush to allow the net to be installed. Then I think we’re going to put the net in with helicopters. I’m not 100% sure at this point.”

Three weeks is Carrick’s rough estimate of the time needed to open the road.


Photo of cliff above Redwood Drive provided by Denton Carrick.



  • Hey, as long as their up there maybe they could carve some Anazasi style cliff redoubts.
    Seriously this little inconvenience has been very under reported considering the economic toll it has been taking on both towns. I will assume there is a good excuse for the extended outage.
    Know I realize this is one hell of an important road.

  • Whatever it takes to make it safe. None of us wants to be one the hit by a falling Boulder

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