Nude, Intoxicated Man Arrested Near 101

Witnesses reported seeing CHP officers covering a figure lying on the side of Hwy 101 near the Alderpoint Overpass with a sheet. Do not be concerned. According to the CHP dispatch, officers arrested a nude, intoxicated man lying beside Hwy 101 in that area.

The CHP does not recommend venturing near a freeway while drunk. Nudity is another risk factor that should be avoided if possible.



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  • Everyday I hear about something of read something that reminds me and serves to reinforce the fact that we live in our own little bubble. I just wanna say only in so hum.

    • oh not only in s. hum…
      dance in the rain, shower in the rain, hike, swim (two big thumbs up), fly a kite (didn’t work for me), and fish butt nakeed. i would tell my son “you haven’t even tasted it yet. just try it.” he usually did like it, but he never like being naked.

      we’re getting a pretty good sprinkle in loleta…i like the little bit of t-storms last night.

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