Sheriff’s Department Releases Statement on Returning Detainees to Place of Arrest

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On March 16th, 2015, The Humboldt County Grand Jury submitted their findings and recommendations to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office regarding the Transportation of Indigent Detainees in accordance with Penal Code Section 686.5. By statute, the Sheriff’s office has 90 days to respond to the Grand Jury Report. The Sheriff’s Office is working with County Counsel to implement the law and create a policy within our Correctional facility to be in full compliance with 686.5. As the law states, an indigent person who was released without trail, or acquitted may request to be taken back to the place of arrest. There is no provision within the law that directs the Sheriff to inform the arrestee of this service. It is Sheriff Downey’s intent to implement a legally sound policy in order to protect the rights and safety of all citizens in Humboldt County. When the policy is implemented a press release will outline the provisions of the policy. Since January 2015 the Correctional Facility has been given the directive to provide, upon request, public transportation passes to indigent persons who were arrested in Garberville and Willow Creek areas.



  • Turn them loose every 24 miles, the re-arrest them. It’s catch and release anyway, why not make a sport of it, then the cops wouldn’t have to be a free taxi service for criminals.

  • Lazy Skunk Ranch

    How would this work if a person was falsely charged, was found not guilty, but in the meantime their car was towed, and auctioned? Who would pay for the damages and how long would it take for the state to settle their liability? A timeline should be set with penalties and interest if the debt isn’t settled within the given time allotment.
    Some people lose everything when they are charged, and to lose everything you have on the outside world and just to be told, ‘ ok, you can go ‘ is immoral and can be used as a tool of the state to punish people they know the state has no case over. Most cops know the line, ‘ you can beat the crime, but you can’t beat the ride ‘, something is very wrong with this.

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