Speaking of the Drought….

Worried about water in this fourth year of the drought? Saturday, a festival of information will be held at the old Osprey building by the Sprowel Creek exit in Garberville.  Speakers will talk about water quality, conservation and there will be information on how to get grants for water storage. According to the sponsors, Eel River Recovery Project, Trees Foundation and the Institute for Sustainable Forestry, there will also be “presentations on water conservation, pollution prevention and water rights, fire and forest health, erosion control, aquatic monitoring and wilderness protection and expansion.”

Come ask questions about your water situation and learn new techniques to make this drought year more bearable for humans and wildlife.

The event is 9-5. All welcome.



  • http://www.laweekly.com/news/hey-la-its-time-to-raise-the-price-of-water-5001536

    Please all check out this well written article about the low price of water in LA. It is from 2014. Considering what most of us pay, you may be surprised just how cheap water is in the traditionally most wasteful areas of the state. Here is something tangible we can try to lobby our representatives to do: raise the water prices down there on the highest users!

  • Hi Kym. Here’s the agenda for Earth, Water and Fire Day: How to Harmonize Your Rural Residence with Nature
    March 21, 2015 9:00 to 5:00
    Garberville College of the Redwoods Campus

    • Beel why is it that erosion inland is a sin,
      yet erosion on the fore dunes is a value
      that you encourage?
      The loss of coastal wetlands has been staggering,
      the gains from the millions of dollars to remove naturalized grasses,
      for decades now, shows zero benefit and volumes of adverse impact on both habitat and
      wetland function.
      Yet you say nothing. When may we expect repairs in Manila on both fore dune structures and hind
      dune (The Bowl)?
      Thank you.

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