Briceland Fire Gets New Chief


Assistant chief Tony Mengual pinning a badge on newly elected Chief Fulton at the annual general membership meeting on Tuesday, March 17th.

Good news doesn’t always come in heroic deeds. Sometimes it comes in the continued service by the many volunteers who make communities run smoothly. Our rural volunteer fire departments are examples of good people who spend much of their free time helping the community.

On Tuesday, Briceland Volunteer Fire Department elected a new chief. Since Chief Tim Olsen died last year, assistant chiefs Aurora Studebaker and Tony Mengual  have shared the duties along with help from the captains. Jim Fulton who was elected to the position had previously served as chief of the Briceland Fire Department from 1984 until 2001. He also served on the board of Briceland Fire for the last four years. Fulton also served on the Beginnings Board for many years and, according to Daniel Stein, a member of the crew, “has been instrumental in fire and emergency services at Reggae on the River since the beginning of the festival.”

Stein wrote on the department’s Facebook page, “Briceland Fire is honored to announce the election of Jim Fulton as the new Chief of our department. Congratulations Chief Fulton! We are honored by your dedication to service and proud to serve under your leadership!”

Best wishes to Fulton and to the whole Briceland Fire crew.





  • Congratulations Jim! Congratulations Briceland fire department!
    Jim is a cool, level headed firefighter, and a great choice as chief ( again )
    Briceland fire is in the midst as some pretty big growth and changes, Jim will use his good judgement in guiding them.

  • I have known and respected Tony since forever. Thank you Jim. Tough job as you never know what will happen. You can never be too hammered in case the the call comes in at who knows what hour.

  • jim will do a great job as the new Chief. Congratulations on a JOB that will be fulfilling, heartbreaking, and whole. Thanks for stepping into some big boots.

  • thank you for your service, and im sure this gentleman will provide sohum with the same.

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