‘Tis a Lucky Egg That’s Laid on St. Paddy’s Day

Just a tad bit after three this afternoon, the female from the Humboldt Bay eagles laid an egg–the first of 2015. Being March 17, of course there is already conversation about whether to name the resulting eaglet Paddy or Lucky. But, until the annual naming contest, the egg shall be known by the rather uninspiring moniker of E1.

“More information of the naming contest will be forthcoming once the clutch is complete so we know how many names we might need,” said the senior biologist with Pacific Northwestern Biological, Sandra Hunt-VonArb.

Hunt-VonArb, who has volunteered to monitor this nesting pair since 2006, said that the female eagle (known by her “wonky” feather) usually spends a lot of time in the nest before laying her egg. However, this time she popped it out quickly.

We’ll be following the clutch and sharing images throughout the year but to get a glimpse of the handsome eagles and their offspring on their cams, click here.


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