Garberville, the Sundance of Cannabis Culture?

Cannabis Film Festival Press Release:

The Cannabis Film Festival, LLC (“CFF”) is proud to première the 1st Annual Cannabis Film Festival in beautiful Garberville, California in the heart of the Emerald Triangle. The action starts on Friday May 1st with a full weekend of activities until we yell, “Cut” on Sunday. Be part of history as we usher in a new era with bright lights, a smoking red carpet and other assorted treats and surprises. The event is open to the public. TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW.

The Cannabis Film Festival provides a means for filmmakers to share their work with both distributors and the general public. The CFF is designed to enable “cream of the crop” film projects to gain exposure to larger and more mainstream audiences. The festival is also an amazing opportunity for a broad range of organizations to help further the cause of enlightening the general public about cannabis. The Cannabis Film Festival is a full weekend event that provides a venue for cannabis-related businesses and local artisans to expose their goods and services to festival attendees in between the viewing of film submissions.

Our mission is to increase public awareness of all aspects of the cannabis industry through educational and entertaining film media with the intention of raising consciousness regarding the many uses and applications of cannabis.

There is still plenty of time to secure a booth, add to our swag bag, to display your company’s signage and of course, sponsorship and vending opportunities. We’ve extended the completion date for interested investors.

The town of Garberville is fully committed to the festival and for one weekend, our tribe will be represented. Come meet the farmers and cultivators that continue to impress with their new technologies and horticultural advancements. Lodging is available depending on availability to our special patrons.

For more information: Call Jack Rikess at 415-385-3169 or

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