Be Ready! Tsunami Preparedness Week

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors has proclaimed March 22-28 Tsunami Preparedness Week in the County of Humboldt. County departments, schools, businesses, and residents are encouraged to schedule an activity that week to increase preparedness for and awareness of the tsunami hazard to the California coast. Participation may include evacuation drills, tsunami awareness activities, or household and workplace preparedness such as stocking or rotating emergency water and food, or preparing an evacuation bag.

Participants can find more information, and register Tsunami Preparedness Week activities at Even those who do not live, work, or go to school in a tsunami zone may frequently visit or pass through them. Tsunami warning systems most effectively notify the public of distant source tsunamis caused by earthquakes not felt in Humboldt County. In the event of a local source tsunami, ground shaking lasting 20 seconds or longer is the warning to evacuate a tsunami zone and get to higher ground or inland. Tsunami maps for Humboldt County may be found at Know Your Zone.



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