hang on long-1Thanks for hanging in there while we fixed up the site.

We hope you like the new look. We’ll be making updates though so please tell us what works and doesn’t work. Here’s a brief overview. The front of the blog splits into four sections on the left.

  • The first is NEWS AND FEATURES. There you’ll find the major stories—everything from politics to crime.
  • The second is A SENSE OF PLACE: NATURE, CULTURE, AND COMMUNITY. It contains everything from Good News to photography.
  • The third is CANNABIS CACHE–marijuana stories.
  • The fourth section is INFORMATION IS POWER. Here you’ll find press releases about local events or food recalls on the left side and ways you can help people in your community in the column on the right–everything from trash cleanups to fundraisers for sick kids to ads for lost pets can be featured.
  • The final section contains two columns of tweets–one column local and one the greater world. Keep up on the latest news around the globe there.

On the right are recent posts and new comments as well as some other bells and whistles.

We hope you like the easy access to multiple stories at once. However, if you don’t like the magazine format?, don’t worry. In the upper left, just under the Redheaded Blackbelt title is a button labeled News Stream. Click that and it will give you the normal blog format with the most recent story on top. Just scroll through the stories one by one.

Feedback is welcome! Click that comment button and help shape this blog in a direction you are going to love.



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