Mining Corporation Isn't Going to Develop Samoa Mill Site

Usually when something doesn’t happen, it isn’t news. But a local blog, the Tuluwat Examiner, gives a concise explanation of why the withdrawal of US Mine Corporations’s proposal to develop an ore processing plant on Humboldt Bay is news.


Check out the short explanation and the Baykeeper press release here. Whether you think the Mining Corporation would have brought jobs and money to the area or whether you think this would have been an environmental disaster, this is a development worth noting.

Sometimes nothing happening doesn’t look like news, but it is.

UPDATE 9:18: Who knew that a nothing happened story would have an update? But here it is…Jen Savage has more information about the non-development at the LoCO.



  • I predict liberals and progressives are going to take a beating on this… “See? Someone offering good paying jobs got chased out of the county and it’s THEIR Fault.”

    The sad thing is most liberals and progressives I’ve seen comment… including myself… weren’t necessarily against the gold processing plant. They simply had reservations and questions that needed to be addressed.

    In short… we’ll take take a whippin’ over suggesting to all that we use critical thinking and our best judgement.

    From everything I’ve read, I could only conclude that this company thought we were desperately poor enough that without questions we’d allow anything to happen for a few jobs. They gave it up when they found out they were wrong.

    They were “scared off” because we just wanted to know what the deal was really all about. We might have dodged a bullet here.

  • We seriously need to diversify Humboldt’s economy how we do that is a good question. Growing a few more strains of marijuana is not going to get it. I’m not saying that it was wrong to drive off the gold processors, but with Humboldt’s reputation as anti-industry, I can understand why they didn’t try to make it happen. Did the gold people get any supports from the community? Maybe they had a clean process.

    The reason that Crescent City has a prison is because they allowed their economy to become mostly timber, and when that dried up they had no choice but to accept a prison or die. Do we have a stable economic base? I thought not…

    Also, I have a little trouble with Mr. Tuluwat. he is a little too vicious in his approach, and seems to be ashamed of who he is. I’ve not seen his name signed to anything.

    • Aslo, Tuluwat’s motto is “In the spirit of Bret Harte”…I knew Bret Harte, Bret Harte was a friend of mine. Believe me Tuluwat, you are no Bret Harte.

      • Ernie Branscomb:

        “Maybe they had a clean process.”

        The problem was that was rather difficult to assess. The company did not exist until just a few weeks before they came to us: There was no track record to look at. We already have had traumas concerning throw-away companies that had zero concerns for the community and sucked itself dry before moving on.

        Going down that road again is not economic progress.

        As for the Tuluwat Examiner’s being vicious… that’s just their style. Sometimes it annoys the heck out of me too… but that’s just who they are.

        I notice from her blogs list Kym isn’t a fan either.

  • Great! Now I am hoping some innocuous, innovative companies with environmentally sound ideas to come knocking at the door.

    • N Judah:

      Great idea. I notice the City of Eureka pays nearly a million dollars a year to the Eureka Chamber of Commerce. Perhaps as a courtesy they might return the favor and actually address that issue.

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