Housekeeping Alert

Folks, exciting things are happening behind the curtain here at Redheaded Blackbelt. Unfortunately, the site has to go down for maintenance to make these changes happen. We don’t know how long the site will be down (or even when it will go down.) But, don’t worry, any important news will be posted on my Facebook page which is public. You don’t have to have a Facebook account to access it.

Click here to go now.

Here’s to fresh starts and exciting possibilities.




  • I’m sitting on the edge of my seat. lol
    Go for it Kym, good luck. :o)

  • Thanks for the warning. I worry.

    Your FB page doesn’t read public for me… but I’ll try to keep it together anyway.

  • cool, looking better already!

  • hey kym, do you ever stop to catch up with yourself?
    well, with bated breath i forward to seeing what you’re up to…
    good fortune to you and enjoy the dst celebrations!

  • To Infinity… and Beyond!!

  • Kym, I am excited that your moving forward. I always knew you were the force behind lcop news. You and us are better off and more informed by your break from them. You obviously have a passion and compassion for what you do. Looking forward to your vision developing and enriching us with timely no nonsence information.
    Dream Big,
    You Got This….

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence but the crew at LoCO are wonderful and I’m lucky to have worked with them. I learned a tremendous amount from those guys.

      But the Dream Big comment warms my heart. Thank you.

  • Cheers! To a bright future !!

  • You have probably heard this a million times, but since your departure from LOCO, it just hasn’t been the same. I hope you get the arrest reports here :). Love to not see my name in those LOL. That is about the only reason I go there anymore, well, that and to make a few snide comments; but that’s not much fun anymore either. Good luck with this site and Daniel (from loco) will be a regular 🙂

  • Red Alder Ranch is rocking. Great article on mushroom cabins. Thanks I been thinking about that.

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