Cleanup, Cleanup! Everybody, Everywhere…

Folks are pitching in to clear trash in SoHum. It’s a garbage revolution!

Yesterday over 1200 pounds were collected in a few short hours near Garberville and Redway. And, the sites that have been cleaned are frequently staying clean and some of the residents in homeless camps are helping.

“It’s interesting, the places are not continuing to be messed up further,” said one of the other volunteers from yesterday. “One site we went to…was cleaner than last time most of us saw it, so there’s been work done between our little groups’ visits.”

However, there is still a lot of work to be done. Brian St. Clair, a volunteer on the latest cleanup wrote that some of the trash sites “had accumulated a fair amount of trash that was already bagged and ready to go, some not so much.” And, sadly, the car that was pulled out of the ravine near Alderpoint has reportedly be pushed back in.


1220 pounds of trash removed from the hillsides of Southern Humboldt and some happy volunteers. [Photo by Brian St. Clair.]

The momentum rolls on though. Tomorrow, Sunday, March 8 at 10 a.m., a tenacious crew of volunteers will be showing up just east of the town of Garberville to continue pulling trash from an illegal dump that garnered lots of public notice after thousands of burned butane cans were tossed on top. Thousands of pounds of trash have been pulled out of the spot already.

Everyone is welcome to join in the sweaty, soul-satisfying fun, says regular volunteer Chris Anderson. In fact, he says, there’s a real need for some special help. ” Big push for some truck, winches, and trailers, as well as anybody with rope skills and rope that wants to come play around with us;),” he wrote to Redheaded Blackbelt.

Yesterday’s crew came out grinning. “What a beautiful day to be with wonderful people in our gorgeous home,” wrote one volunteer in a comment on the Eel River Clean Up Facebook page. Sunday’s cleanup is promising to be just as satisfying.




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