Cannabis Wrap-Up

Stay on top of the cannabis world. In this (soon to be) frequent feature, we’ll bring you a sentence or two on stories of interest for our marijuana community and link to where you can learn more. And, we’ll throw in a bonus photo or two. 

Washington State marijuana growers convicted on federal charges:

In spite of the cannabis being legal in the state, a federal jury convicted three family members in Washington with growing between 50 and 100 marijuana plants yesterday…and this was considered a victory. (Read more here.)

Local Folk Featured in Story About Cannabis Futures:

Friendly to the small farmer, this piece features Hezekiah Allen from the Emerald Growers Association. In it, he says, ““The war on pot is over….We are starting to write the terms of this industry state by state, county by county, and we want to make sure that the farmers who fought that war, who were on the front line, are still part of the conversation.” (Read more here.)

Trimmigrant Talk–the Outside World Looks at Our Migrant Workers:

Not a pretty picture of what might be coming for our traveling trimmers. ” Trimming will start to look a lot like picking [fruit]. Just another low wage farm job.” (Read more here.)

And…just for fun…The Emerald Almanac from the Redheaded Blackbelt:

For all those who don’t know what happens in the outdoor marijuana world, we’re going to include a little local color. At this time of year, traditional cannabis farmers start their seeds.rhbb1-1

Small mom and pop farmers normally sort through seeds they’ve grown themselves, bartered with neighbors, or, more recently, purchased from vendors. At this time of year they, like gardeners everywhere, are making the final decisions about what strains will be grown.

The farmer must be alert to signs of what the fickle market place will want this harvest. Depending on how much of their last year’s harvest has been sold, the grower faces the coming year with a mixture of hope and trepidation.



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