Report of Shots Fired in Myers Flat


Not the actual scanner used.

Scanner traffic indicates that there have been shots fired on Boy Scout Road in Myers Flat around 5:57 p.m. Law enforcement is responding to a report of a man who shot out a tire on a vehicle  with a handgun and left the scene in another vehicle.



  • Just wondering why theres a clickable jpg image that leads to nothing…I tried to click cuz i thought it was gonna go to a sound recording of the scanner traffic…I thought wrong.

    • Sorry. No, it doesn’t go anywhere. That is just my image that I plan to use with scanner traffic. There is a caption saying, “Not the actual scanner used.” Can you suggest a better one?

      • LOL…No i can’t suggest a better one…It’s fine was just expecting to hear the scanner when i clicked it…now i know.

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