Smoke in the Laytonville and Leggett Areas Results in ‘Unhealthy’ Levels of Pollutants

Mendocino County Air Quality Management District Press Release:

Thursday, August 7, 2014 through 10:00a.m. Friday, August 8, 2014

Multiple wildfires burning in the Laytonville area as well as Northern California and Southern Oregon, combined with current weather patterns are resulting in smoke, haze and degraded air quality throughout the County. The Wilderness Lodge fire is burning in heavy timber and firefighters are challenged by steep, rugged terrain with difficult access. Fire activity is expected to increase on the northeast side of the fire while containment efforts continue.

Air quality conditions are ranging from good to moderate in most areas of the County, although some residents may experience moderate to unhealthy smoke accumulating in specific locations. Regional weather patterns suggest that the smoke impacts will continue for the immediate future.

Smoke in the immediate vicinity of the fire in the communities of Laytonville, Leggett and Branscomb remains at levels that are unhealthy. The increased pollutant level is creating a situation that could impact all individuals. Over the next few days, smoke is likely to remain especially heavy. Smoke concentrations in these areas may reach levels considered to be ‘Very Unhealthy’ under state and federal air quality standards

The Air District, in conjunction with the Mendocino County Public Health Officer, advises that all individuals, especially the elderly, individuals with cardiac or respiratory disease and anyone else who is especially sensitive to air pollution should AVOID any outdoor activities in these areas. Everyone else should limit prolonged outdoor activities ad much as possible.

Persons experiencing any of the following symptoms should contact a health care provider:
Headache; Repeated Coughing; Chest Tightness Or Pain; Difficulty In Breathing; or Nausea.

Information regarding the most current air quality readings and related information can be found on the District web site



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