Thick Smoke Hinders Aerial Attacks on the Lodge Complex in Northern Mendocino

The Lodge Complex Fire northwest of Laytonville devoured another 500 acres today. It is now at 3400 acres with 15% containment. An inversion layer kept thick smoke hovering over the area hindering efforts to fight the fire from the air.

According to Julie Cooley, spokesperson for Cal Fire, “Fire growth can be expected on portions of the fire due to severe drought conditions and accessibility challenges. Firefighting personnel and equipment continue to establish and improve containment lines.”

Resident Bob Barsotti, who manages the facility where the helicopters are staging, and his wife Susy, sent in the following maps this morning [They were added to this morning’s post.] He explained what the maps depict, 

The two fires have merged into one, which is what [firefighters] were trying to do. They’ve kept it from approaching the Ten Mile canyon… . The first map shows the fire line they are constructing down Brushy Mountain to Camp Seabow on Ten Mile (by DP-5), then up around Seabow and back towards the Eel and the other fire line. The solid x’s are completed fire lines, the x & dots are fire lines they are working on. 

Suzy Barsotti said, “[T]he majority of fire is moving through the understory, with spots of crown, or tree-top burning.  The area the fire has been moving through hasn’t had any fire or clearing for 50+ years. “

According to Cal Fire, the number of fire engines and crews dropped from 48 fire engines this morning to 31 this evening and from 28 crews to 27. However, two more bulldozers arrived and number of personnel. The total number is now 966.


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