Decomposed Bodies Found Near Laytonville Identified

Two decomposing bodies found in a greenhouse near Laytonville earlier this week have been identified by the Mendocino County Sheriff Detectives. The two are Felipe Cortez Guzman (26-years-old) and Abraham Gregorio Castillo (27-years-old.) The two men were residents of Avenal, California.

On Monday, Mendocino County Deputies were taken to a greenhouse near Laytonville where a person had discovered two bodies. The officers believed the two dead men to be the victims of a homicide. However, at the time, officers were not able to note any obvious cause of the men’s death due to the advanced state of decomposition. 

Officers conducted an investigation on the property which is located in a rural area on the 6000 block of Woodman Creek Road. There, besides the greenhouse with 180 six to twelve inch plants, they also found two travel trailers.

Yesterday, tattoos on the bodies were matched with descriptions provided by the families of the deceased to identify the two young men. 

Mendocino CouCity nty Sheriff Press Release:

On 05-16-2014 Sheriff’s Detectives were able to identify the decedents as being Felipe Cortez Guzman (26-years-old) and Abraham Gregorio Castillo (27-years-old) both residents of Avenal, California.

Identifications were made based upon tattoos on each decedent’s body that matched the descriptions of the artwork provided by their families.

Sheriff’s Detectives would like to thank Kings County Sheriff’s Office Detectives, the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, Visalia Police Department Detectives and the of Avenal Police Department for aiding in the identification process of the decedents.


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