New Trend: Press Release from Recently Raided Mendocino Dispensary

Mendocino’s Love In It dispensary was recently raided. (Screengrab from the Love In It site.)

Rarely does the Redheaded Blackbelt (RHBB) receive press releases from those who are charged by law enforcement. We hope this is a continuing trend.

Love In It cannabis dispensary’s Press Release:

On Tuesday, March 4 the cannabis dispensary “Love in It” in the village of Mendocino, CA was raided by law enforcement along with a SWAT style invasion of the homes of nine people, including Sherry Glaser Love, Executive Director of the cooperative, terrorizing her and her family. ”There was an overwhelming army of armed police to deal with a non-violent, medical provider, a beloved and respected member of the community” she said. All medicine at the dispensary was confiscated as well as computers and private patient records putting patients privacy rights at stake. Glaser’s home was ransacked as well as other buildings on her property where officers found medical cannabis that supplied the cooperative.

Sheriff’s raids took place in three Mendocino County towns. Despite pleas from Glaser that they were at the wrong address in Comptche and were about to raid people’s homes who had nothing to do with the dispensary, Officers ignored her and invaded three homes of people not associated with Love In It. Items were found in these residences that have no relation to Love In It Cooperative including cash and extraction equipment that utilized butane, a non-organic process that Glaser avoids as an organic provider.

Further, guns allegedly retrieved at a Love In It employee’s home were not connected to the dispensary at all. “I’ve never owned a gun and don’t allow guns to be a part of my life or any business I’m involved in,” Glaser said. “What employees possess in the privacy of their homes is their business.” She continued, “I feel slandered that the Sheriff’s press released implied that my business used weapons and toxic substances. And no, we had no large amounts of cash—we’re struggling to get by. All these items—guns, money and butane–belonged to homes not part of the dispensary business and for the Sheriff to state that they did, when they knew better, falsely damaged my reputation.”

Upon realizing they had raided three wrong residences officers proceeded to a home listed on the warrant and searched a residence and allegedly confiscated cannabis intended for patients at the cooperative. “I care for and love the ailing people who come to us for their medicinal needs,” said Glaser. “The amazing healing properties of cannabis are catching on around the world,” she said. “It’s so sad that governments on the local, state and national level remain in a denial of those facts. Even the California Democratic Party has called for legalization, regulation and taxation of cannabis as the tides is turning so quickly to legalization.” Glaser asked, “Why are the county’s precious resources being wasted on a dispensary that is in good legal standing with a license issued by the county as well as being members of the chamber of commerce? Glaser continued, “Patients are now left suffering without medicine which for them is a matter of life and death.”



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