Counterfeiting Duo Captured in Del Norte

Image provided by the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office.

When a number of counterfeit bills, mostly twenties, began showing up in Del Norte County casinos and businesses, the Sheriff’s Department and the Crescent City Police Department began an investigation that culminated with three search warrants being served this last Friday. Fourteen people were arrested. Most of those, according to Commander Bill Steven of the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department were picked up for possession of controlled substances and arrest warrants.

Drew Roberts, age 50 and, Lisa Hulford, age 47, both of Crescent City, however, were booked for possession of counterfeit money and the suspicion of operating a counterfeit lab. 

“One of the guys had quite a few forged bills in his possession,” explained Steven. But those arrested did not have extremely large amounts of fake money. “This is small scale idiots,” Steven said. “Any profit made is either spent at the casino or on drugs.”

Neither were the bills particularly well crafted. Allegedly, the suspects scanned real currency to make the fake items. “Eight out of ten people would pick the phony out almost immediately,” Steven noted.  Dim light and other factors made the bills more difficult to spot.

Using a counterfeit detection pen would show that the bills are not real. Also, the fake currency does not have the slightly raised, shiny gold effect that normally is present in the lower right corner of real bills. In addition, the Sheriff’s Department says that the edges of the counterfeit currency are not cut smoothly.

Mainly, Steven alleges, the suspects would “target a younger person in a busy situation with dim light” in order to pass the fake money more easily.

Anyone who receives one of these counterfeit bills should contact the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office at 707-464-4191 or to the Crescent City Police Department at 707-464-2133. 

Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department Press Release:


Yesterday the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office Felony Investigation Unit, Deputies of the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office and Del Norte County Probation Department conducted multiple raids resulting in 14 arrests. These raids were the result of numerous cases taken from both the county and city involving the passing of counterfeit money.

The counterfeit money could be easily passed when presented with real money at the time of a transaction. The counterfeit money is of all denominations from $5 to $100 dollar bills. It is easy to detect with a counterfeit detection pen which when swiped upon the counterfeit money turns black. On close examination the number in the lower right hand corner that is raised and has a shiny gold effect on it does not in the counterfeit money. The edges of the counterfeit money are often cut uneven from the scanned money and you can see the clear line from the copy process. Also since the counterfeit money is done many times over the serial number on the bills is often the same.

If you come across any of these bills please report it to the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office at 707-464-4191 or to the Crescent City Police Department at 707-464-2133.


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