Community Business Supports Small School

It is the small things that make a community. Each helpful gesture may seem ordinary and unimportant to the one who does them. But in reality, these gestures build a sense of home and belonging. So here’s a small song of praise for one of Southern Humboldt’s businesses–for the way they step forward and help the schools, the churches and the non-profits all year long.  Salmon Creek Community School was a lucky recipient of their kindness this week. 

The school’s Valentine’s Day bake sale is normally held on the side of a busy country road. Tents and tables are spread with goodies, gifts and vases of bright red roses. But this year’s rains had puddled in the usual spot by the intersection of Salmon Creek Road and Maple Hills Road.  Muddy and wet as the turnout was, the parents expected to have a miserable time.  Then a parent explained the situation to Cathy Studebaker owner of Randall’s Sand and Gravel. She was asked to donate some rock to gravel the turnout. She kindly agreed and another parent spread the gravel (in the rain, bless him).

Tomorrow, tents and treats will be assembled in the much less muddy area. And, the bake sale will go forward with the support of this helpful business owner.

Studebaker explained, “I spent lots of time at bake sales when my kids were little in the rain and the sun. I think it is nice to see all the young parents working hard putting their time into making their school work… . I’m happy to do something like that.”

It wasn’t a huge gift but it was a heartening one–reminding everyone how lucky they are to live here and get so much support from this community.

Thanks to Randal’s Sand and Gravel. And, thanks to all the other small businesses that give so much.
Full disclosure: My son goes to Salmon Creek School in case you all didn’t know that already.


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