Willits Woman Believed Missing in Southern California

Photos of the missing woman from a Facebook page devoted to finding her. (Bring Kianna Home)

Kianna Jackson’s Facebook cover photo shows the main street of her hometown, Willits. But no one from her community knows where she is. She and two other women who frequented the same Santa Ana neighborhood are missing. Jackson has not been in contact with friends and family since early October. The other women went missing soon afterwards.

On Friday, a gathering of friends and family of all the women on one street corner in the Southern California city sought to bring attention to the situation. The Los Angeles Times picked up the story and posted about the missing women on Saturday

The Times writes that the three women all seem to have been involved in prostitution. The women disappeared within two months of one another possibly from a short stretch of road in Santa Ana.

The Times has details about the situation here. Jackson’s mother has a Facebook page devoted to finding her daughter here.


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