Romancing the Bookmobile–Because Kids and Books Make Us Smile

Humboldt County has more than incredible beauty. It has small, unique communities that add sweetness to its natural landscape. Honeydew, a tiny town near the coast in Humboldt has a delightful tradition. Once a month, the county bookmobile arrives at the tiny school and provides a library on wheels for the town and the surrounding countryside.

Rudi Weber, who provided the above photo, explained, 

The Book Mobile arrives at the school monthly with the requested books for the students and Community. This has become a social occasion, Farmers Market , Art and Craft Fair.

The new world of the Internet is still a distant possibility and it may even be unwanted. The students love the interaction with the adult Community and the feel of real books. Call it a throw-back in time, it works here. 

According to Weber, the Honeydew School does not have library space. The nearest library in the Mattole School 15 miles away with “a limited assortment of books.”

Weber knows that change will inevitably change this remote corner of Humboldt also, but, he says, “The occasion of the bookmobile is today’s fun and reality for Honeydew.”


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