Doug Green Lovefest

Doug Green, center.

This last weekend’s Lovefest for Doug Green was well attended and joyous. Doug Green has captured the hearts of many with his long years as MC at different events.  Josephine Johnson described the Lovefest in a photo filled blog post here. Here’s a sample,

    One of the most touching moments of the evening was when Tina Malia shared how she came to know Doug. Tina and Sasha Butterfly were fresh from a Rainbow gathering where they wooed folks with their enchanting, ephemeral sounds. Both self-described hippie kids impressed Doug with their fledgling songwriting and harmonizing skills. He also appreciated their uplifting message of love and spirituality. Doug became their diligent supporter and helped them connect with folks who could further develop and share their musical gifts. Now, Tina is a recording artist in Los Angeles with three albums under her belt and tours the U.S. and beyond.   



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