Two Youths Escape from Trinity Co. Juvenile Hall

Trinity County Probation Dept. Press Release:

Last night (9/17/13) @ approximately 8:30 PM two male juveniles ages 15 and 16 escaped from the Trinity County Juvenile Hall by scaling a perimeter fence in an outdoor recreation area. 

An immediate search of the area was conducted by local law enforcement personnel consisting of probation officers, sheriff’s deputies, CHP and Fish and Game. 

Although neither of these juveniles has a history of violent offenses, the department will continue to apply all necessary resources and efforts to locate them. 

All law enforcement notifications have been made to both local and surrounding jurisdictions including names, photos, and physical descriptions. Additionally, warrants have been filed for both. As of this time, however, the minors have not been located. 

Additionally, an investigation is underway as the circumstances surrounding the incident for the purpose of both identifying any procedures or protocols that may not have been followed by facility staff proceeding the escape, as well as any physical security issues that may have contributed to the incident. 

At the time of the escape, both minors were dressed in dark blue pocket less trousers with matching T-shirt, and black shoes with white soles. 

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department at (530) 623-2611 or the Trinity County Probation Department at (530) 623-1204.



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