Southern Humboldt Health Fair

Pack up the kids and come explore the Southern Humboldt Health Fair this Friday, the 20th between 11 A.M. and 4 P.M.  As an added bonus, the fair is snuggled in amongst the Farmer’s Market so you can do your weekly shopping, too.

According to Donna King, the purpose of the event is to offer health education for the general public–education about everything from what services are available in the area to the Affordable Care Act and how to deal with it.  In fact, she says, “One of the main things is the Affordable Care Act” which is the theme of the gathering.

However, there will be a variety of information and interactive opportunities available. A group of traditional and alternative health care organizations and workers put this on, says King, “because we have an interest in helping the community.”  She says that when the first health fair started in Southern Humboldt, “we started out mostly body workers and alternative…workers.  We had several goals get to know each other and know what each other did and to educate each other.”

They decided to do a health fair to get out information. Redwoods Rural Health Center (RRHC) and the Hospital have now enthusiastically joined the effort. King says the group isn’t just “satisfied with treating illness. They want to focus on wellness”–on staying well as a community. She calls the fair an “intensive collaborative effort between RRHC and the Health Care District and the alternative health care community.

“Every week,” King says, “the Farmer’s Market gets more and more fun.” The health fair thought they would add to the vitality. There will be speakers every half hour and, says King, “if you have questions then you can go to the booth of the speaker and ask questions.” 

Southern Humboldt Health Fair

There will be an ambulance and fire truck available for kids to crawl through. There will be a Qi gong presentation, and multiple free experiences.

Below are the booths and some of their offerings as well as list of speakers, etc.


  • Flurina Niggli 

Free 15 minute Shiatsu Sessions,

Available for questions about Meditation and Qi-Gong

  • Ashley Mavon, BA Psychology, Certified Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator

Free pendulum readings for locally handcrafted flower essences

Soul Memory Discovery Information

  • Suzette Nyokka, BA, NHE, MT

Free mini Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions

  • Gail Eastwood, MSW, DIHom

Information on muscle testing, homeopathy & self-care

Muscle testing demonstration & mini sessions

  • MASHH Clinic Collective & Gentle Strength Botanicals & Massage Therapy
  • Greta de la Montagne

Free Chair Massage, Herbal First Aid information, Ayurveda

  • Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services-MCAH

Information on public health programs for pregnancy, infancy, early childhood, nutrition, growth and development

  • Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services,
  • Healthy Communities Division
  • Beth Wells, Health Education Specialist

Prevention Education on alcohol & drug use, HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis B&C

Printed information and interactive learning activities

  • Sequoia Wellness and Apothecary
  • Amanda Wenig Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner; Allison Rivas LAC, MSOM
  • Mysty Demery CMT; Jasmine Richnow CMT

Free dosha assessments & oils, cooling Chinese herbal tea & ear seed acupuncture points

  • The Bud Sisters

Free Samples of organic pain relief salve

  • Chautauqua Natural Foods and Cafe Minou

Free samples of yummy healthy food and health supporting products

  • Clover Willison Insurance Services and Toni Genaro Insurance Services

Information on the Affordable Healthcare Act and private insurance policies

  • United Way

Information on Medicare

  • Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District

Free finger stick blood glucose screening, Manual blood pressure checks

Flu shots at no cost for Medicare & Medi-Cal recipients, Low cost to others

  • Redwoods Rural Health Center

Medical-Free BP checks & HIV testing, nutritional information

Dental-Education and free grab bags w/tooth brushes

Outreach and Enrollment-Handouts on changes to MediCal, Partnership Health Plan information, giveaway bags for Cal fresh & RRHC magnets

  • Sally Riley, Marriage and Family Therapist

Information on counseling services w/handouts & surprise giveaways

  • The Blood Mobile
  • Cal-Ore Life Flight-Emergency air ambulance transport
  • Family Resource Center

Healthy Food demonstrations & taste tests, Cal fresh outreach,

Play group and Parent support information

  • Six Rivers Planned Parenthood

Pamphlets explaining our programs with volunteers and board members to answer questions.

Free condoms & chapsticks

  • Abundant Light Healing Sanctuary
  • Sama Morningstar, Certified Massage Therapist, Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Light Energy Healer, Yoga Therapy Instructor, Spiritual Guidance Counselor, Doula
  • Geoffrey Huckabay, Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Life Coach
  • Special Guest from Inner Qi Healing Center:  Stephanie Sette,

Free 15 minute Spiritual life coaching consultations,5 minute Chair Shiatsu Massage $1/minute after that

Information on Doula & Placenta encapsulation services

Samples of Healthy chocolates & cacao/acai berry based health products.  

  • Childbirth and Family Center
  • Shelley Conrad with information on home birth, baby weighing

Bumper stickers and pins give-away, pregnancy test

  • Partnership HealthPlans of California
  • Jeff Ribordy, MD

Affordable Care Act information

  • Babette Johnson

Free 15 minute Zyto Compass screening, Young Living Essential Oils

  • Elegant Roots Apothecary

Herbal remedies and tonics


Speakers List

11:30 am Jeff Ribordy, MD – Affordable Care Act

Available for questions in the Partnership Health Plans


12:15 Gail Eastwood – Homeopathy

Available for questions in her booth on the Square


12:45 Suzette Nyokka – Jin Shin Jyutsu self help for immune boosting

Available for questions in her booth on Pine Lane


1:15 pm Javier Rodriguez, YMAA – Qi Gong demonstration


2:00 pm Gina Paine – Simple Nutrition Guidelines and Hydration

Available for questions in the RRHC booth


2:30 pm Tina Tvedt – Affordable Healthcare Act benefits assistance at RRHC

Available for questions in the RRHC booth


3:30 pm Elijah Coberly – Benefits of Yoga

Available for questions at the Eel River Holistics Open House on the Square


Open Houses at Healing Arts Businesses on and near the Square



Eel River Holistics on the Square at 754 Locust, Garberville

See the center, meet the new Yoga instructor, Elijah and receive free community style

ear acupuncture from Michiah Tobin


Sequoia Wellness and Apothecary 432 Maple Lane, Garberville

Low cost reflexology & community acupuncture mini treatments


Abundant Light Healing Sanctuary 824 Locust St., Garberville

Free 12pm beginners yoga class for one hour and open house afterwards with free screening to determine which essential oils would be most beneficial for the individual.


City Ambulance and a Fire Truck will be in the parking area along the west end of the Square for an up close look at those vehicles. Kids will love it!



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