Possible Remains of Missing Person, Anna Rodriquez, Found



Humboldt Co. Sheriff’s Office:

On Monday September 9, 2013, Detective Fulton returned to the Slate Creek Area to continue the search for missing person Anna Rodriquez. Detective Fulton and other members of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office had searched an area of Slate Creek last week, after it was reported to Fulton that possible human remains had been located. That search effort resulted in locating what they believed could have been a campsite of Rodriquez but not locating suspected human remains.

This Monday, Fulton was lead back to the campsite by the persons who originally reported finding the remains. Detective Fulton did locate multiple bones, believed to be human. The area these remains were found was within a disheveled camp site. There were also other documents located that leads investigators to believe this was a camp once occupied by Rodriquez.

The remains were collected and have been turned over to the Humboldt County Coroner for possible identification and determination of a cause of death.

A search of the campsite and immediate area of the campsite did not offer any evidence as a cause of death for the individual whose remains were found. There was also nothing located to suspect foul play as a result of the death, but has not been ruled out. The investigation will continue to determine what had transpired that resulted in the death of this individual.

Anyone with any information about Rodriquez, is asked to call Detective Todd Fulton at (707) 268-3646.



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