Why Do Humboldt Growers Get Such Bad Press?

Most folk in Humboldt know farmers who are environmentally careful, community minded, and grow beautiful marijuana buds (Not everyone knows they know these people but, trust me, they do.) Meanwhile, most of what the media writes about is environmentally damaging, violent criminals, who grow some kind of nebulous green stuff. Why is that?

Yes, there are articles about cannabis cups and even an occasional grow article but unless you regularly read High Times, there isn’t much positive press for growers.

Today at 2 P.M. on KMUD’s Cannabis Consciousness, guest host Kevin Jodrey, will discuss the situation with LoCO’s own Emily Hobelmann and Allison Edrington, former writer for the Times Standard. 

Hobelmann writes today in her regular Sunday column,

“If cannabis expertise and craftsmanship are legendary here in the Emerald Triangle, why does the media often paint a different picture, and what can we do to improve the story?”

For reals. Right now, this region is getting a great deal of national publicity for the negative side of our weed industry. How do we improve the Humboldt marijuana story?

Now that is a topic that needs some discussion.


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