Little Girl Given Cannabis to Stop Seizures

In Humboldt, everyone knows someone who uses medical marijuana. The jokes about how much the 215 system is abused abound.  Here’s a piece from CNN that reflects the other side of the story.  A tiny girl was having seizures–hundreds a week.

[Five year old Charlotte’s] heart had stopped a number of times. When it happened at home, Paige did cardiopulmonary resuscitation until an ambulance arrived. When it happened in the hospital, where they’d already signed a do-not-resuscitate order, they said their goodbyes. Doctors had even suggested putting Charlotte in a medically induced coma to give her small, battered body a rest.

Then Charlotte’s parents started using an oil made from a high CBD strain of cannabis to treat the child. In the first hour, she didn’t have any seizures. In fact, she didn’t have one for seven days. Now she only has them a couple of times a month.

The marijuana strain Charlotte and now 41 other patients use to ease painful symptoms of diseases such as epilepsy and cancer has been named after the little girl who is getting her life back one day at a time.

It’s called Charlotte’s Web.

The story shows some of the intriguing medical possibilities of cannabis. 





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