KMUD Needs Our Help

KMUD, our independent and local radio station, is $65,000 short of making their goal this spring. Many of the volunteers at KMUD have committed to bringing in $500 each to help make up the shortfall.  I’ll be chipping in to Terri Klemetson to help support this wonderful news source in our community.  If you can’t chip in, can you share this post? Maybe one of your friends can help.

Facebook Status of Deejay Jack Frybulous

Breaking news …

Tomorrow is the last day of KMUD’s Spring Pledge Drive, and despite being $65,000 SHORT of our goal of $125K, we have decided not to extend the drive.

There are about 150 DJs and talk-show hosts at the Mud, and many of us, just in the past few hours, have already committed to raising $500 each to push us MUCH closer toward that goal. In fact, if each of us were successful, we’d be there. I’ve got 344 Friends on FB, and if each and every one of you donated $1.50, I’d be there!

Please, if you can spare a little change for one of the remaining non-corporate and commercial-free sources of news and entertainment, won’t you donate it to our community radio station?

You can donate online securely right now by going to the website, or you can phone the station tomorrow (Wednesday) with your pledge, at 1-800 KMUD RAD (800 568 3723).

And remember, you don’t need to have the money now; a “pledge” is simply a promise to pay your donation sometime within the next month or two.

A thousand THANKS for sharing whatever you can.

(You could help us out a tiny bit more by sharing this message with your friends, too!)


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