Meth, Methadone and Cocaine Found on Fortuna Man


Robert Glen Ellis

From the Fortuna Police Department:

On February 13, 2013 at about 11:30a.m., an officer with the Fortuna Police Department was on patrol when he observed Robert Glen Ellis (age 22 of Fortuna) driving in the area of 12th Street. The officer knew Ellis from prior contacts and was aware that he did not have a valid driver’s license and was currently on probation.

The officer stopped Ellis and subsequently conducted a search of Ellis’ vehicle pursuant to his probation terms. As a result of the search, officer located:

  • 7.9 grams of Methamphetamine packaged for sale
  • 44 Methadone pills packaged for sale
  • 11.6 grams of Cocaine

Ellis was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on several charges including:

  • Health & Safety §11377(a) – Possession of a controlled substance
  • Health & Safety §11378 – Possession of a controlled substance for sale
  • Health & Safety §11350(a) – Possession of narcotics
  • Health & Safety §11352 – Transportation of a controlled substance
  • Penal Code §1203.2 – Violation of probation

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