Law Enforcement Caravan Headed Towards Shelter Cove

UPDATE 12 P.M.:  Lt. Knight of the Sheriff’s Dept. confirms that it was out on that road, conducting a probation search.

Original Post:

LoCO has received multiple reports of a law enforcement caravan heading west of Redway.  As of 9 A.M., a Sheriff’s car, a Sheriff’s SUV, one black unmarked car, two CHP’s and a Sheriff’s SUV with enclosed trailer attached was seen passing the Briceland VFD.

Another report has the crew sitting at the top of Kings Peak Rd., the witness said, “Looks like a convoy heading down to the cove. They had m16s and they were all suited up, had a few trailers with them too.”

LoCO has a call into the Sheriff’s Dept. and will update with more information as soon as possible.


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