Loleta Bakery Owners and Loleta Meat Market Owners Have “Hopeful” Meeting

“We had a meeting with Peter and Jeanne Van Der Zee,” disclosed Pixie Setterland, the part owner of the Loleta Meat Market which occupies property owned by the Van Der Zees. In an interview early this evening, Setterland said, “We are in the works of figuring out how my brother and I can move to the Gilded Rose.” The Gilded Rose was the site of a former bar that had occupied a building down the block from the Meat Market and is also owned by the Van Der Zees.

The meeting between the owners of the Loleta Bakery and their renters occurred earlier today.  A sixty day eviction notice late last week had sparked a wildfire rush of protest by supporters of the Meat Market culminating in a picket outside the Bakery on Saturday. The Bakery owners said they needed the Meat Market’s space for expanding their rapidly expanding business. Setterland had worried that the costs of the change would be so prohibitively expensive that she might have to shut down the Meat Market which supporters said was a key business in the tiny town of Loleta.

However, the meeting today brought new ideas to the table. “Peter,” Setterland explained, “has been very gracious and set up a bank account for donations to help us move.” Not all the details are worked out yet. “It all depends on finances and how much money we can raise,” Setterland said.

Setterland and her brother expect to have another meeting with the Van Der Zees in a couple of days to explore different options. “I’m feeling very hopeful,” said a relieved sounding Setterland.


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