2012–Merely Average Earthquake Year

According to the Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group , 2012 was just another average earthquake year. Of course, there were large earthquakes–Northern Sumatra had an 8.6 magnitude upheaval on April 11th.  As a whole though, the number of quakes and the intensity was normal.

What wasn’t normal though were the amount of deaths attributable to earthquakes. Tragically, beginning in 1970, fatalities have averaged 28,000 per year.  However, 2012 had a significant reduction in those types of deaths, the comparatively small number of only 768 deaths. 

The Redwood Coast Tsunami Work Group says,

On the North coast, 2012 was a fairly quiet year as well. Three earthquake of mag 5 or larger were recorded in the past year – the largest a mag 5.6 on February 13 was located onshore about 19 miles East of Trinidad. It was felt from Petaluma to southern Oregon and triggered some landslides and earth failures, but no major damage or injuries.


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