Norbury Guilty in Murder of Jamal Andrews



Photo of Lucy Andrews and Josh Andrews (mother and brother of the victim Jamal Andrews)

Photo by Annie Esposito

The verdict in the trial of Billy Norbury for the murder of local musician Jamal Andrews has just come in.  Norbury has been convicted of murder according to Penelope Andrews, cousin of the victim. “Billy Norbury was just found Guilty of 1st degree murder with a special gun charge in the Murder of Jamal!” trumpets the Facebook site, Justice for Jamal.

Jamal Andrews was shot earlier this year on the night of January 24th.  Read about that night here.    

Norbury faces the insanity part of the trial next. According to the Justice for Jamal site:

Jamal Andrews’ mother Lucy said she was relieved at the verdict. “It’s such a tragedy for all of us, all our families,” she added.

Andrews’ brother Josh noted, “We are part way through. We still have a whole other part to go through – but we are half way there. This is some relief; but it’s not the end. Our family and friends would like to say thank you for the support we received from everyone – staying in touch and taking time out of their days to be in court and support us.”



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