Fire in Whitethorn

UPDATE 4:15 P.M.: Cal Fire’s Marty Hobbs reported that the fire is now under control.  The blaze burned an estimated one and a half acres but that may be revised.  The cause of the fire is under investigation but the are “leaning towards power lines” because there are downed lines.  But why the lines came down has yet to be determined.  Cal Fire, according to Hobbs, “threw everything they had at the flames.” BLM, Whitethorn and Whale Gulch also sent engines.

UPDATE 1:40 P.M.: Briceland resident reports that a number of resources are pouring through the town apparently headed to this fire.


Reports of a fire in Whitethorn(around Stanley Creek) are coming in.  Apparently there are down power lines. I just saw a Skymaster CDF plane over Salmon Creek headed in to Whitethorn.


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