Both Lanes of Briceland Rd. in Redway Closed and Electricity Out

UPDATE 4:41 P.M.: 650 customers are still out of power. 200 customers will have it restored before 7 P. M. Extended outages for 230 customers are expected until 2 A.M. Another 240 are not expected to get power restored until 7 A.M.

UPDATE 2:52 P.M.: New estimated time of restoration is 8 P.M.

UPDATE 12:06 P.M.:  Estimated time of restoration is 2:30 P.M.

UPDATE 12 noon: A PG&E spokesman reported that there are 1828 customers without power from north of Garberville to Phillipsville and from Redway west including Petrolia, Honeydew, Whitethorn, Briceland and Ettersburg. Briceland Rd. now open.



The CHP site reports that the Briceland Rd. in Redway is closed near Par Ave.  PG&E crews are on their way. Electricity is out for over 500 customers. Request for details is in to PG&E.


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