Humboldt’s Tea House Collective Appears in Salon

Salon Magazine offers a story about mobile dispensaries today.  In it is a substantial piece about Humboldt based Tea House Collective. Here is an excerpt:

WI connected with Aaron, president and driver for Tea House Collective, a Berkeley-based mobile business with farms in Humboldt County. Aaron had made the 300-mile drive to the Bay Area a few days earlier.


“The hardest part is coming out of Humboldt County with herb, and Mendocino actually, the whole 101 [highway], all the way to here,” he said. “They know where we’re going.”


He has heard from friends who have been stopped by highway patrol that if you have your paperwork, the authorities will usually let you go. Still, he doesn’t like anyone to know too much about his schedule.


“I’m not really worried about getting robbed,” he said. “I’m worried about the cops, the feds. I don’t want them to know anything.”


He has reason to worry. Tea House has had its bank accounts shut down before.


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