Historic Amount of Wildfires this Year–More Predicted for October

Map found here.

Much of northern California faces above normal risk of wildfire this month. In fact, California as a whole has experienced a rise of 20% more wildfires than average already. Cal Fire fought a crushing 5,300 plus wildfires in the state this year.  That is over 1,300 more than last year.

Over 130,000 acres burned which is 75,000 more than last year.  According to Cal Fire,

National forests, parks and other federally owned lands have seen their fair share of fires this year including a 270,000 acre fire that burned its way into the records books becoming the second largest wildfire in California’s history. In August the Rush Fire charred 271,911 acres in Lassen County on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Historically, California experiences it’s largest and most damaging wildfires in the late fall months. The potential this year is no exception, with no significant rainfall in sight. The result is an above normal potential for large wildfires in October for most of Northern California including the Bay Area, as well as much of Southern California from Santa Barbara down to San Diego County.



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