Hayfork Robbery Goes Sour with Three of the Robbers Kidnapping the Fourth…and Then The Night Gets Worse

Dannoll Geer of Redding

James Cremeans of Redding


Josh Stanley of Hayfork


Trinity Co. Sheriff Press Release:


On September 12, 2012 at approximately 11:08 [P.M.] the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call that 4 men were at a property on Carr Creek in Hayfork with guns attempting to rob the residence. The 4 men at the residence have been identified as Josh Stanley of Hayfork, Dannoll Geer of Redding, James Cremeans of Redding and Kasey Rogers.

Shortly after the initial call of the 4 men attempting to rob the residence it was reported that Dannoll Geer, James Cremeans and Kasey Rogers had taken Josh Stanley and put him in the back of a rental truck and were driving the truck to Stanley’s residence in Hayfork. [According to Lynn Ward, Public Information Officer for the Trinity Co. Sheriff, “The motive for the three (other robbers) turning on Stanley is not clear at this point.”

Stanley escaped from the truck and ran to his residence on Nelson Road in Hayfork. At that point Stanley armed himself and ran behind his house on Nelson Road to hide. He was located by Kasey Rogers and that is when Josh Stanley reportedly shot Kasey Rogers.

Kasey Rogers was transported to a hospital in Redding and is in critical condition as of this morning.


Josh Stanley DOB: 03/26/80 of Hayfork, Charges are pending further investigation

Dannoll Geer DOB: 04/07/76 of Redding, 664/211 PC – Attempt to Commit Robbery, 422 PC – Threats to Commit Crime, 246.3 PC – Discharge Firearm in Grossly Negligent Manner, 182 PC – Conspiracy to Commit Crime, 245(a)(2) PC – Assault with Deadly Weapon (Firearm)

James Cremeans DOB: 08/17/60 of Redding, 664/211 PC – Attempt to Commit Robbery, 182 PC – Conspiracy to Commit Crime


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