Fire in the King Range North of Shelter Cove


Map above shows Shelter Cove to the south pinpointed and the rough area of the fire to the north pinpointed

UPDATE 8:00 P.M.: Cal Fire says the Spanish Fire is now 122 acres and 90% contained. “Firefighters progressing well with containment line construction.”

UPDATE 2:15 P.M.:The Spanish Fire is at 122 acres and 80% contained which is amazing considering the difficulty that firefighters encountered, according to an interview KMUD news’ Terri Klemetson did with Marty Hobbs.

…then Calfire & BLM drove private roads through the wilderness until the fire engines could no longer drive on the steep/poorly-maintained roads and/or the creek crossings. A dozer was called in to smooth out some of the water bars, so engines could get an hour closer but firefighters still had to walk another hour to access the far side of the fire burning near the ocean

This isn’t the only hardship the crews encountered.  Hobbs explained to me that “crews from last night [are]coming off of the line.  Today’s crews will be on the fire line for a 24 hour shift.” According to Hobbs, there are five engines and seven hand crews working the fire now.

UPDATE 12:05 P.M.: Marty Hobbs, Cal Fire chief, says, no structures are threatened and no aircraft has been able to get up yet.

UPDATE 11:28 A.M.: Cal Fire is saying that “forward progress” on this incident, now called the Spanish Fire, has been stopped.  There has been 75 acres burned and firefighters have managed to get 10% containment.

UPDATE 6:46A.M.: Cal Fire is now reporting this at 75 acres.


Last night, a fire started in the area north of Shelter Cove. Marty Hobbs of Cal Fire says the blaze is in the King Range/Spanish Ridge area.  Firefighters have had seven engines and two crews working the blaze. According to Hobbs, they’ve “made good progress overnight.” Nonetheless he believes 50+ acres have burned. After aircraft is able to fly at sunrise, he’ll have a better idea of the size and the scope of the problem.

Hobbs says the area is difficult to access with steep terrain. Calfire will be sending in 7 handcrews and 5 additional engines for the day shift.


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