Locals Join Rally During Obama’s Visit to Oakland

Monday, during President Obama’s visit to Oakland, several locals joined in a rally to protest the current federal crackdown on medical marijuana.  Much of the gathering centered around the recent attempt to seize the property of Harborside Health Center, the nation’s largest dispensary of medical cannabis.  In the photo (all images by photographer Kim Beavers) above, Stephen D’ Angelo, Director of the Oakland based facility and star of Discovery Channels Weed Wars, joined the march.


President Obama was  in town to give a speech at a fundraiser for his campaign at the Fox Theater in Oakland on Monday. 

Cannabis activists used the occasion to draw attention to their concerns about recent federal actions.





Many in the cannabis movement believe that the recent federal actions against state law compliant patients and facilities has damaged patients’ ability to access their medicine.

Below is a copy of the live stream posted about the event with local documentary maker Mikal Jakubal.

[ustream id=24200279 hwaccel=0 width=480 height=386]
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