4000+ Plant Bust in Mendocino

Mendocino Sheriff’s Dept. Press Release:

     On 07/10/12 Deputies from the COMMET office assisted by Agents from the MMCTF and BLM Officers served a search warrant on five parcels in the Blue Rock area west of Bell Springs Road, Laytonville Ca.

     Located on the property were 4068 growing marijuana plants being grown indoors in a storage container, in greenhouses and in outdoor gardens.  Victor Padilla was found on the property in possession of a loaded .45 pistol and a .22 caliber rifle.  Jose Javalera-Navarrette was also found on the property.  A third firearm was located in the residence along with approximately $3500 in US Currency.

     While officers were serving the search warrant, Rafael Moreno, Victor Siqueiros and Jose Ramirez-Lopez drove onto the property.  Lopez was found in possession of $1400 in US Currency.  Through investigative leads these three subjects were determined to have ties to the marijuana operation.

     When officers were leaving the property, Efren Guzman and Febronio Sanchez-Perez were located in a vehicle that was experiencing mechanical problems on Bell Springs Road.  Located in the vehicle were 312 marijuana plants in grow trays.  Through investigative leads these two subjects were determined to have ties to the marijuana operation on Blue Rock Road.  Guzman was found to be in possession of a small amount of methamphetamine and $3375 in US Currency.

     Based on this investigation, Santa Rosa Police Department(SRPD) served a search warrant at 1005 Temple Ave, Santa Rosa CA.  SRPD located 64 marijuana plants, approximately 2 ounces of methamphetamine, a handgun and approximately  $3600 in US Currency.

All subjects were arrested and booked into the  Mendocino County jail.

Suspect #1:
Name: Victor Sanchez Padilla
Age: 24
Address: Transient
City/State: Santa Rosa Ca.

Suspect #2:
Name: Jose Javalera-Navarrette
Age: 32
Address: 1005 Temple Ave
City/State: Santa Rosa Ca.

Suspect #3:
Name: Rafael Moreno
Age: 58
Address: 1005 Temple Ave
City/State: Santa Rosa Ca.

Suspect #4:
Name: Victor Manuel Siqueiros
Age: 36
Address: Transient
City/State: Unknown

Suspect #5:
Name: Jose Ramirez-Lopez
Age: 32
Address: Transient
City/State: Willits Ca.

Suspect #6:
Name: Efren Guzman
Age: 34
Address: 836 Trade Wind Ln
City/State: Rodeo Ca.

Suspect #7:
Name: Febronio Sanchez-Perez
Age: 28
Address: 3637 Sonoma Hwy
City/State: Santa Rosa Ca.


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