Venus Passes in Front of the Sun Tomorrow


UPDATE: The site I used didn’t account for Daylight Savings Time.  The correct times are according to amateur astronomer Attorney Robert Zigler of Fortuna,

The transit starts at 3:06 PDT this afternoon and the “ingress” portion of the transit as the planet moves in front of the sun will last until 3:24, it will then slowly cross in front of the sun, reaching it’s half way point at about 6:26. It will still be in front of the sun when the sun sets on west coast.

Also the astronomers of Humboldt are holding a public viewing at the Kneeland airport.  The one they held for the Solar Eclipse looked epic.


On Tuesday, Venus is scheduled to pass in front of the sun in what will likely be a once in a lifetime opportunity (the next Venus transit across the face of our blazing star will be a century from now.) Do you still have your glasses from the solar eclipse that just happened?  Or those #14 welder’s glass pieces?  You can look around and see if you can get them if not, you can make a pinhole camera to view it.

Of course, this lovely rain that is great for our steelhead and salmon is going to leave the sky partly cloudy and may make viewing a bit problematic.However, this transit will take a much longer time than the solar eclipse so the window of opportunity to view the rare event is quite large.

Venus will begin passing across the sun on the North Coast a little after 2 P.M., will be halfway across around 5:30 P.M., and move out of in front around 8:45 P.M. You can check your times here.


Photo and more information from EarthSky:A Clear Voice for Science.


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