The Avenue of the Giants Awakens for Summer

Memorial Day weekend marks the time that the Avenue of the Giants awakens for the summer season. Last Wednesday, local friends and family scoured the southernmost restaurant, the Chimney Tree, shining windows and polishing all the kitchen chrome.  Locals salivated at the idea of the local Chapman ranch beef burgers and real milkshakes once again. For those veggie lovers, black bean burgers were tickling their tastebuds.  The restaurant is scheduled to open today at 11.  (Any one who gets a chance, sip one of those milkshakes for me.)

“This is an impressive tree.  It doesn’t even look real,” exclaimed Zac Chrisman, a visitor from Tennessee (shown to the left in the photo on top.) He and his family were up close and personal with their first redwoods and they were ebullient, giddy with their walk among giants. They, along with thousands of visitors from around the world, are falling in love with the North Coast redwood forest this season.

Tourists from far away and close by (folks from the north of Humboldt enjoy this beautiful drive, too) will be stepping out of modern cars into ancient forests.  And, when they do, they will have a variety of simple pleasures to choose from. Hikes in the world famous redwood parks are something everyone should experience at least once in their life and locals should try and get in a couple a year. Swimming holes laying right beside the road glow aqua against tiny white pebbles calling tourist, townie and hill folk alike on the hot Southern Humboldt days.  Charming little towns offer chainsaw art, restaurants and little tourist stores. One of the most delightful parts of the drive are the farm stands near Pepperwood which sell local produce–Shively corn, Waltana apples, and homemade blackberry popsicles…mmmm!

School is almost out and summer on the Avenue is tantalizing me…



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