Redwood Run Coming and the Quilt is Ready


Once again our local service groups step forward to help local schools. Kiwanis of the Redwoods will donate space at this year’s Redwood Run for a quilt raffle to benefit Salmon Creek Community School. The school is locally famed for their quilts. The parents and community members have been being creating them for over 40 years. The small school receives no government funding and relies on their quilt raffles, bake sales and other fundraisers to support their small but vibrant education program. Kiwanis has provided space for the last 16 years to sell raffle tickets at the annual Harley run. Some years the school has made nearly $10,000 from this one fundraiser.


This year’s quilt was made by the school’s adopted grandmother and Salmon Creek resident, Nancy Branch. She took the motif of fire and showed a smokey motorcycle leaping through the flames. The quilt is currently on display at the Community Credit Union.


This year’s Redwood Run promises to be a blast.  The event is being held at the Piercy Riverview Ranch where it has been held for much of the last 20 years.  The headliner Friday night is Lukas Nelson, one of the most kick ass performers I’ve ever seen.  Check out the rest of the schedule here. I’ll be at the Salmon Creek Quilt Booth all Run long.  Stop by and chat.

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