$17 Million Storm Damage Repair on 299

Press Release:

Caltrans has announced the “Greenpoint Sink” project, a $17 million storm damage repair located on Route 299 in Humboldt County, approximately 14 miles east of Blue Lake, is scheduled to begin construction this fall. During the winter of 2011, the downward shift of land, known as a sink, had accelerated significantly due to winter storms.  In response, Caltrans implemented an emergency repair project at this location with the goal of improving drainage and stabilizing the highway until a full restoration project could begin. The current emergency repairs were designed to be incorporated into the larger restoration project in order to make the best use of State resources. The environmental document for the full restoration project was completed in September 2011.  

Beginning this fall, the Greenpoint Sink restoration project will include the construction of two large retaining walls. According to Caltrans Project Manager Richard Mullen, “The length of the walls will range from 400 to 550 feet long and construction is expected to take about one and a half years, weather permitting. Route 299 is an economic lifeline and an important route in Humboldt and neighboring counties. Once completed, this project will improve safety by restoring the highway for smoother driving, minimizing the minor traffic delays travelers have been experiencing at this site.”  

For questions regarding the Greenpoint Sink project, please contact Richard Mullen at 707-441-5877.


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