Attention River Riders! Hazard on the Eel

UPDATE: The log has been removed.

Several Kayakers have been swept under a 4 foot redwood log underneath the Calfire bridge across the South Fork of the Eel River ( the road to the dump.) Everyone is asked to be aware of the situation and avoid it if possible. Here is a description from Dan Thomas, a local resident:

Last weekend I was in a party kayaking on the river. One of our party was trapped against this log and rolled under the log by the force of the river. This person swallowed water and their day of recreation along the river was done.

While relaying this story to a friend, I was told that another party kayaking on the river had the same experience, with one of their party being trapped against the log and rolled under by the force of the river.

To add some emphasis to the danger this log posses to access and recreational use of the river, please note that former Humboldt County community health care advocate, Heather Bonser-Bishop was drowned when her paddle board was trapped under a tree while recreating on a river in Oregon.

Currently, the County is waiting for the water to recede.  Then they will section the log and remove it.

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