Home Invasion Robbery in Fort Bragg

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Press Release:

On 4-22-2012 at approximately 0710 the Mendocino County Sheriffs Communications Center received a 911 telephone call from a resident in Fort Bragg,CA advising that her neighbor needed assistance as he had been hurt during a possible robbery.

    Mendocino County Sheriffs Deputies responded to the location on Boice Lane and located the victim.

    The victim advised that on this date in the morning hours he was asleep inside his residence when two suspects busted into his residence via the front door.  The two suspects then started beating on him with a crowbar and stabbed him with a knife.

    The victim believed the suspects were trying to remove his marijuana from the residence (the victim had approximately 51 small plants inside the residence).

    The two suspects (whom the victim had met previously) then fled the residence and left the location driving a red SUV.

    The victim was then transported by medical personnel and subsequently taken to an out of county hospital for treatment for stab wounds and blunt force injuries to his upper torso.

    Mendocino County Sheriffs Deputies conducted further follow up investigation and confirmed the identities of the suspects.  A bolo (be on the look out) was placed for the suspect vehicle and communicated to southern law enforcement entities.

    On 4-22-2012 at approximately 0930 Cloverdale Police Officers conducted a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle (red Lincoln Navigator)at Highway 101 near the Highway 128 Intersection. Inside the vehicle were both suspects along with a Robert Miller.

    On 4-22-2012 both Suspect Taylor and Kelly were booked into the Mendocino County Jail on the listed charges. Suspect Kelly also had a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest.  Suspect Taylor’s bail is set at $250,000 and Suspect Kelly’s bail is $265,000. Subject Miller was arrested for a violation of parole.  He has a no bail status.

    Mendocino County Sheriffs Detectives are continuing to conduct further investigation into the incident.  It is unknown what items, if any, the suspects removed from the residence.

Location: 32590 Boice Lane
Date: 4-22-2012 Time: 0700

Victim #1:
Name: Daniel Alonso
Age: 29
City/State: Fort Bragg,CA

Suspect #1:
Name: William Taylor
Age: 24
City/State: Oakland,CA

Suspect #2:
Name: Jelani Kelly
Age: 27
City/State: Oakland,CA

Suspect #3:
Name: Robert Miller
Age: 41
City/State: Oakland,CA


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